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Quality That Counts Located in Phoenix Arizona 602 276-9178  selling  Pomeranians, persians, French Bulldogs. 

Quality is not expensive,

its priceless.



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These are our pets first

and foremost. on occasions

we have some for sale.


Welcome to Precious French Bulldogs,

Persians N Pomeranians.  This is not a business

these are our pets and we occasionally have

some for sale.    This is not our lively hood

We are hobby people of  French Bulldogs,

Persian cats & Pomeranian dogs located in

Phoenix,  Arizona.   Both me and my husband

work full time so we are very busy individuals.

 This is not a puppy mill were we just whip out

puppies non stop.  We have very few selected

litters only a few times a year.   We do also do

Breed Rescue for Persians, Himalayan's, Exotics

and Pomeranian's. Every puppy & kitten is raised

in our home with lots of love and care.  I have been

present for every single birth in our home, even

if it means late nights of no sleep or taking them

with me every day to work.  They are an extension

of our family. Each Persian ,Pomeranian, frenchy is

held and loved from the day that they are born. 

I have 3 loving children who play with them and 

bring out their personality so they are well


               They live beside us and have free roam

to share our home as beloved pets should be.  

Should you wish to be blessed by one of our four

legged children please contact us so we may make

your life as joyful as ours.   Once you have looked

into the eyes of one of gods little creatures he 

helped us create, you will never  be alone and

always be loved by them. You are everything they

will ever want and need.  For us it is not easy working

full time, taking care of our 3 children and still having

to care for all our lovely dogs and persians

but we sacrifice our free time to make it all happen

we are devoted to all our children no matter what

my personal cost are.    In return we get their love,

companionship, and your gratitude for bringing these

precious little ones into your lives.


 We are considered one of the top pomeranian,

french bulldog & persian people in Arizona.

 Here at Precious French Bulldogs

Poms N Persians, we have only the highest quality

of Dogs and Persians.   It is a fact that

quality is not just a great pedigree.   It is a  complete

balance of love, nutrition, care, socialization and

exercise that measures the high standard of what

quality is.   We are very proud of our achievements

in producing some of the worlds most lovable

Dogs N  Persians.    From our prize 

foundation Persians that come from top Grand 

Champion ancestry to our simple cute

& lovable pets.   They are all valuable in our eyes.

                   The excellence we strive for allows us to

produce and create dogs & cats with great

temperments, show quality, correct conformation,

correct in structure, beautiful in type, intelligent in

mind, healthy in genetics, sound in temperment,

proven in pedigree, well defined, imposing in

appearance and nice compact structure

with all the  amazing qualitys we look for. 

These lengsths are a small price to pay to ensure

we have the highest quality and healthiest

stock available, that are able to reach

their maximum potential to produce the perfect

Pomeranian , French Bulldog or Persian for you.


We do on a limited basis have kittens for sale and

puppies for sale, also from time to time some adults, 

you can check our available page to see what we

currently have to offer.    A deposit will hold the pet

of your choice however all monies toward a animal

are non refundable and non transferable if you decide

not to take the pet originally chosen. 

By coming to our website and purchasing or leaving

money toward a animal it is your responsibility to

read in full all  of the content and contract information

for your own protection.   We can place you on a waiting

list if you wish to wait for a certain females pups or

kittens.   Please check out our video page to see

some clips



To quote the word from Millamor Poms -To someone

beginning in POMS, all I can say is ---- STUDY. 

STUDY, and then STUDY some more!!!!    Look at

the poms at many dog shows, look at poms in

different kennels,   and then decide WHAT TYPE

you like.  Do this BEFORE you buy any poms. 

And be patient!   It is easy for the heart to rule

the head, because pom puppies are adorable.

                   Never buy any puppy that you absolutely

did not need. If your heart is set on a certain color

 or sex, do not settle for something else.   Study

pedigrees, do your research, is this the breed

you really want.   Remember, there is NO  

PERFECT dog.    We have to accept some things

we don’t like, but we must decide exactly WHAT

qualities the poms we own and breed, HAVE  

to have.


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