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Our Females

Not For Sale.

These are the cats we own,

photos are for veiwing only.

Most of our cats have been

shaved down and are kept

in summer cuts.

Odd eyed White

"Lily" is a Female Odd Eyed White,

she is being a great mother

and is fitting in just great with our girls. 

Black & White Bi Color 

"Pepper" is a cute little Black & White

Bi Color girl one of the newest to join

our cat family 

Classic Calico

"Suki" is a beautiful Classic Calico

baby girl, she is new to our queens,

she loves everyone. 

White Blue Eyed

"Aspen" is a newer girl joining our newest

mothers to be to bring more whites she

is the scaredy cat of the bunch 

Blue Eyed White

"Crystal" is a white Blue eyed

baby girl, she thinks shes the

boss just because she is so

cute and she knows it 

Chocolate Smoke 

"Java" is one of our newest mothers to be.

A beautiful Chocolate smoke girl we hope

to add color to our program 

Dilute Calico Van

"Sushi" is a Dilute Calico Van and has come

to make some beautiful babies I hope they

are as sweet as her 

Blue Cream 

"Darby" is a lovely little blue cream girl

ready to join our newest mothers to be

group she will have stunning kittens 

Blue Van

"Silver" is a Blue Van one of our newer

mothers to be to join our gang. we

hope she will have great kittens 

Chocolate Tortoiseshell 

"Mini" is the most loving little girl we have

an absolute pleasure to have this new

cutie join our group she is the best

Classic Calico

"Boo-Boo" is a beautiful Classic Calico.

she is also a newer girl tho join our cat

family, she has the sweetest personality. 

These females are owned by us and some are used for breeding

and some are just pets. We love them all the same.

Recent Photos