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Our Females

Not For Sale, These are our females

that we own. photos are. just for your

veiwing pleasure.

White panda

"Pandochka" is a adorable white panda

marked baby girl, she has black only on

her ears and a spot on her neck 


"Baby " is a Orange 4 1/2 lb little

spit fire she loves to jump in your

lap and run around you in circles 

Sable Parti 

"Pixie is a Sable Parti 6 lb female, very active and high energy, she loves to play all day long if she could    

Cream Parti merle

"Junebug" is a gorgeous Cream Parti

Merle she is a new baby that will

give us stunning pups we just

love her one Blue and one Brown eyes

Black & White Parti

"Molly" is a ball of energy, she has

tons to burn she runs circles around

all the other dogs


"Katie" is a nice solid girl, she keeps

everyone in check and likes things a

certain way and she lets you know

when shes not happy

These are our females that are part of our

large family, some are used for breeding

and others are just pets. We love them all

the same.

Recent Photos