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French Bulldogs Owned, not for sale

Chocolate N Tan

"Tonka" is a nice Chocolate N Tan Male

frenchie, he carries, Chocolate, tan points

and fawn

Blue Fawn

"Ginger" is a very nice sweet Blue Fawn

female she carries, Tan points, Blue, and


Black N Tan Tri

"Vixen" is a Black N Tan Tri female,

she carries the tan points, Blue and fawn

Lilac Fawn

"Coco" is a Lilac Fawn female

she carries, Blue, chocolate, fawn and Lilac


"Sky Raven" is a Blue female, she

carries fawn and Blue  

Blue Merle

"Marble" is a Blue Merle female, she

carries the Merle Gene, Blue,Chocolate and


Blue N Tan

"Kilo" is a Blue N Tan male, he carries

Tan points, Blue and fawn. 

Chocolate & Tan

"Mocha" is a Chocolate & Tan female

she carries Chocolate, blue and fawn and

tan points. 

Chocolate Merle

"Cookie" is a Chocolate merle female,

she carries the merle gene, Chocolate, blue

and fawn.

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