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Our Males

Not for Sale. These are the males we own.

photos are just for your viewing pleasure.



"Milky Way" is a Cream  little male, he is

joining us to produce handsome little

teddy bear babies

Blue Merle with Tan Male

Baby Boy is a Blue Mrele With Tan

Markings, he is 5 lbs and is very

spunky, we always get some nice

pups from him 

Cream sable 

"Dawson" is a handsome Cream Sable little

3 lb teddy bear and he is quite the lady's

man. He sure loves the girls

Blue Merle W/ Tan Markings

"Merlin" is a new pup coming

to us from the philipines   he will be

a great asset for the darker

girls group     he will be taking over for baby boy.

These males are owned by us, some we use for breeding

and some are just pets. We love them all the same

Recent Photos